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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
I'm fifty cents poorer

Following the port-a-potty debacle and various other contratemps leading up to my brother's wedding, my mother and I placed a little side bet. I put fifty cents on Wedding #2 going the way of Wedding #1 -- no marriage. My mom took that action. She pointed out, though, that she would march my brother to the altar with a shotgun if necessary.

I lost the bet. I guess I should say that I'm pleased to have lost the bet. I should say that . . . but it's hard to stop acting like a little sister after all these years, and I just can't help thinking that this marriage wasn't such a great deal for the bride.

But anyway, Wedding #2 ended in a marriage. And a lot of mud. It rained all day and all night. Thankfully, the port-a-potties didn't sink.

So, Jen, is the epilogue to the wedding story as funny as the prologue?